Simple and transparent pricing, with no usage limits and some great add-ons to help you get the most out of PowrKidz

Yearly Licence



What’s Included

 Full School access to the PowrKidz platform

 Full Home use for Students

 50 + workouts covering Fitness, Yoga and Well-being for KS1, KS2 and KS3 with regular updates

Group Challenges and leaderboards

Real-time reporting and tracking

 Ongoing Support

PowrKidz Experience Day

Perfect to see what PowrKidz can do in your school



What’s Included

Full Day Powrkidz Experience

Equipment provided

Instructor lead

Class/School competition challenges

Wellbeing & Nutrition booklet or video presentations.

Certificates & Printouts

Powr Kit

High quality kit to ket Kids engaged and excited about PowrKidz fitness!



What’s In the Bolt On

 Add our Child-friendly kit package for the ultimate PowrKidz experience

 Includes 4 slam balls, 4 kettle bells, 2 battle ropes, 2 plyo boxes and 2 ladders!

 Yours to keep forever

 Increased range of activities and movements

Unlock 20+ new workouts

Our unique Platform

Designed to work in all browsers, on any device, our PowrKidz platform can be used by Teachers, Pupils and Heads to deliver, track and monitor health and well-being