Healthy, Active Lives

A unique health and wellbeing solution for Primary and Secondary Schools

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PowrKidz is a great tool to help your School stay active, and stay safe, complying with COVID 19 guidelines

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because Child Health and wellbeing matters

We provide an easy to use digital platfom full of bespoke resources and features to enable learners to deliver and report on Child health and wellbeing at school and at home.

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What is PowrKidz?

We have developed a digital platform which is a ready made solution for schools looking to introduce health and wellbeing.

Powerful Digital Teaching Resources

Over 50 hours of health and wellbeing resources that can be delivered through our platform at the click of a button

Activity Tracking and Reporting

Instantly see how active your school is, what is being delivered and identify students who need additional support and act

RealTime School DaTA

We connect to your School management system and sync with staff, pupil and attendance data in real-time, which means you don’t have to worry about it

360 Learning

Extend a pupil’s learning and participation through our platforms tailored in-school learning resource and at home portal.

Build resilience as they grow

We help build self esteem through personal challenge and contribute to improving mental health as well as physical literacy and development

MODERN FUN school fitness

With battle ropes, kettle bells and slam balls we’re introducing a blend of cross-fit and HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) into education and Children love it!

Our unique Platform

Designed to work in all browsers, on any device, our PowrKidz platform can be used by Teachers, Pupils and Heads to deliver, track and monitor health and wellbeing 

Supporting Healthier Kids

Government led statistics show that obesity rates in Children double during their Primary School years. Things need to change. With PowrKidz you can make a positive, measurable difference to the lives of your Students.


Of pupils fail to meet nationally recognised fitness levels


Of pupils do not take part in daily physical activity


Pupils begin secondary school categorised as ‘Obese’

“Every School in the world would benefit from PowrKidz”

Matt Freeston, CEO Learners Trust


How does POWRKIDZ benefit my school?

PowrKidz provides schools with an out-of-the-box solution for health and wellbeing, designed to support traditional PE and really “shake things up”. As well as making kids more active, PowrKidz is an invaluable tool to track and monitor progression across the entire school. There’s lots to talk about – please get in touch for more info

How have POWRKIDZ sessions been developed?

PowrKidz has been designed with a huge amount of thinking from industry experts in technology, fitness, healthcare, well-being and schools. The health and safety of children is at the forefront of everything we do, whilst at the same time we’re on a mission to disrupt the traditional PE experience and deliver innovative, fun & exciting sessions that develop fitness progression in young children

What do I need to support POWRKIDZ in my school?

PowrKidz has been designed to be flexible and work well in a variety of school environments such as a sports hall or classroom. Our app is designed to work on iPad / Android or any browser (Edge/Chrome/Safari) and additionally we can provide solutions for different technology requirements i.e. no internet / projector support. Please get in touch to find out more.

Interested in PowrKidz?

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