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A digital solution for Health and Wellbeing in Primary Schools

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Child Health & Wellbeing has never been as important as it is right now

Here at PowrKidz our mission is simple. Giving children the power of Healthy, Active Lives.

By blending technology and exercise we have created a space where children can enjoy fitness, health and wellbeing activities and be rewarded and motivated for doing so.

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What is PowrKidz?

PowrKidz is a unique digital platform, packed full of content and features designed to help Schools deliver focused Health and Wellbeing. It’s easy to use, flexible and powerful.

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Video Resources

Over 50 hours of health and wellbeing resources that can be delivered in-school through our platform at the click of a button

Interactive Fitness Sessions

Deliver interactive sessions in  sports hall or assembly hall. PowrKidz takes care of session planning, timings & music so you’re free to observe and support

Home STUDENT Workouts

Students can follow a guided program, or choose from over 30 different workouts that have can be completed at home

School Wide Reporting

Instantly see useful reports across several key metrics, such as time active, home vs school, leader boards and school-wide benchmarks. 

CURRICULUM Mapping Framework

See what coverage your Students have been exposed to across our comprehensive Health and Wellbeing framework

Build resilience as they grow

We help build self esteem through personal challenge and contribute to improving mental health as well as physical literacy and development

360 Learning

Extend a pupil’s learning and participation through our platforms tailored in-school learning resource and at home portal.

RealTime School DaTA

We support all UK School Management Systems and sync with staff, pupil and attendance data in real-time, which means you don’t have to worry about it

Remote Learning built in

With PowrKidz, Children can access the platform at home through a browser and earn rewards for staying fit and healthy. Schools can report on activity and deliver remote wellbeing programmes quickly and effectively (oh, and the Children love it! 😉)

Kids love creating their own avatar!

Insights and Reporting

With PowrKidz, Educators can very quickly see useful information at an individual level, class level or school level. PowrKidz comes with pre-built reports which makes questions such as “how active is my school” as easy as clicking a button. 

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Simple and transparent pricing, with no usage limits and all you need to deliver Health and Wellbeing in you School right away

Per Year, plus VAT

Full School Access

Access for all Staff, and every Child in your School

Includes support, future updates and new content as soon as it’s available. Simple.

Supporting Healthier Kids

Nationally, the facts about child obesity are alarming.

The UK has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in Europe and the long term health implications for Children, for the NHS and the UK as a whole is concerning.

At PowrKidz we are determined to turn this around, and have already made a positive measurable impact in our launch schools


Of pupils fail to meet nationally recognised fitness levels


Of pupils do not take part in daily physical activity


Pupils begin secondary school categorised as ‘Obese’

“Every School in the world would benefit from PowrKidz”

Matt Freeston, CEO of the Learners Trust


Can I use PowrKidz for my Remote Learning?

Of course! The PowrKidz package offers everything you need including logins for your students so they can access the platform at home. The really cool thing about PowrKidz is that schools can report on activity data across both school and home, providing a well rounded insight into the health and wellbeing of a single student, a year group or even the entire school at a glance.

How does POWRKIDZ benefit my school?

PowrKidz provides schools with an out-of-the-box solution for health and wellbeing, designed to support traditional PE and really “shake things up”. PowrKidz is an invaluable tool to deliver, track and monitor Health and Wellbeing, deliver Remote Physical Health and personalised learning. 

How have POWRKIDZ sessions been developed?

PowrKidz has been developed with a huge amount of thinking from industry experts in technology, fitness, healthcare, wellbeing and education. The health and safety of children is at the forefront of everything we do, whilst at the same time we’re on a mission to disrupt the traditional PE experience and deliver innovative, fun & exciting health and wellbeing for young children

What do I need to support POWRKIDZ in my school?

PowrKidz has been designed to be flexible and work well in a variety of school environments such as a sports hall or classroom. Our app is designed to work on iPad / Android or any browser (Edge/Chrome/Safari) and additionally we can provide solutions for different technology requirements i.e. poor internet / projector support. 


If you'd like to know more about how PowrKidz can help please contact us using the form below